- Hockeystick (ENG)

Dimensions: 996x240 and 250x360 pixels
Maximum weight:
 100 kB (total)
NOTE: The weight above refers to the downloaded file
File format:
SWF, GIF/JPG, JavaScript
NOTE: We do not accept Iframe tags as they do not work properly in Firefox

- All creative have to be produced according to our maximum weight limit,
  dimensions and be delivered to Bink in time.
- The creative agency is responsible of the functionality and design of the ad.
- Ads may not be designed in a way that could make them be mistaken for
  editorial content.


The functionality of the ad has to be ensured by the producer in all accurate versions of the following browsers

- Internet Explorer
- Mozilla Firefox
- Safari
- Opera
- Google Chrome


Create and save the SWF file in lowest version possible, to increase the reach of users. If the ad is created in the most recent version, it will not be displayed in earlier versions of Flash Player.

Enclose a fallback ad in GIF/JPG to make sure the ad is visible also for visitors without Flash Player or with lower versions.

CPU usage
To prevent the flash file to cause high CPU usage, make sure the FPS (frames per second) is set to the correct values. Adobe recommends 15-18 FPS on all flash formats.

One URL – clickTAG
We recommend that you use ActionScript 2. We do not suggest  ads encoded with Actionscript 3 due to the ”onRelease”- command does not exist in AS3 and can therefore trigger the pop-up blocker.

Convert items to be clickable to the "Button". Add the following action:
on (release) {
getURL (_root.clickTAG,"_blank");

Two or more landing pages/URL’s - clickTAG, clickTAG2, clickTAG3 etc.

 Convert items that should be clickable to “Button” Add following action on the first button:

on (release) {
getURL (_root.clickTAG,"_blank");

Put following action on the second button:
on (release) {
getURL (_root.clickTAG2,"_blank");

Put following action on the third button:
on (release) {
getURL (_root.clickTAG3,"_blank");

We recommend a maximum limit of six (6) clickTAGs.

Be precise when indicating which URL goes with which clickTAG.


Streaming heavier files than the maximum weight limit is only allowed if the streaming is activated by click (if the video does not contain any sound it can be activated by on-mouse-over with a delay of at least one (1) second ) Streamed banners must contain a stop-/pause button.


All audio ads must have on /off button. Sound is only allowed to start on click – not on mouse over.

Third Party

- We accept JavaScript, however we do not accept IFRAME tags due to the
   issue with Iframes in FireFox

- If possible please implement the following clickmacros for Open adstream       
  %%C%%? and %%REALRAND%% for cache busting/[timestamp]

We strive to count click on all third party delivered ads.

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Submitting creative

The creative must be delivered at least three (3) workdays before the campaign start. Please e-mail creatives to

Enter the following information when submitting the creative:

- Name of the advertiser and the campaign
- Start- and End dates
- URL Landing page/s
- Contact person

NOTE: The start date cannot be guaranteed if the creative is not provided in time.

Contact TV4

If you have questions regarding creative please contact us at TV4: